Below you will find our guideline prices for 2011. We know that every client is different so we are always flexible with our approach to pricing and can create bespoke packages to suit your needs.

Moodle Hosting

For a small training company or to simply test the water we start our hosting at £350 a year. Our next two packages are £900 and £1,700 a year. Contact us to see what’s included.

Moodle Configuration

If you want us to help you do things like bulk load users, courses and set-up security policies we can do this starting from £350.

Mahara Hosting

Much like the Moodle hosting, our Mahara hosting costs change depending on your user requirements. All packages start out from £350 a yr.

Course Design

For us to convert your existing material into Moodle courses, this starts at £500. For interactive content and bespoke visual SCORM courses, we start our pricing at £999.

Consulting & Training

Getting us in to train your staff for the day starts at £350. Likewise for our consulting services for things like strategy development and support.

Google Apps Migration

To take care of your move to Google we charge on average £350, but this is normally quickly recovered in savings.


Setting you up with e-commerce varies from company to company, so we’ll provide a price on demand.

Website Development

Sexy landing pages and forms are available from £99, while full sites are available from £500.

Social Media

Our social media pricing is available after a quick chat to identify your requirements.

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