Web Marketing

We have experts on board with experience in advertising a range of products and services online. In fact we are an approved Google partner for Google Ads and manage campaigns for a number of small to not so small organisations. ASA Interactive can work with your approved budget getting your products and services in front of hundreds of thousands of targeted prospects.


If you’d like managed exposure across any of these networks (and more!) please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Retained Resource

For many companies it’s better to have a ‘geek’ on hand for a set number of hours a week. We offer a retained resource service where you define priorities with us and we make ourselves available on a contract basis. An example would be to have us perform 4 hours of Facebook, Twitter and other social media work a week!


Smart Web Training

In 2010 Scott Gavin designed a training course on how small to medium sized businesses can benefit from the use of social media and online advertising. The course was taken on board by the national Leadership and Management scheme run locally by Skills South East. As of 2011 your business can benefit from an extended suite of services to boost sales as outlined below.


The original Smart Web Training course consists of a 1 day, single fee training event with half a day of 1:1 follow up and action planning.

Smart Web & Social Media Marketing Workshop Contents

Updated for 2015, a one day course to learn tools and strategies to promote your business online and engage with your target customers. Including how to use Twitter and Facebook to boost profits.

Who’s it for? We created the course for small business owner/managers and those responsible for the ‘web’ aspect of small to medium sized businesses. Most of the topics covered assume familiarity with the internet and a desire to raise the visibility of your products or services online.

Getting British Businesses Online Offer

GBBO is a joint initiative by Google, Enterprise UK, BT, e-skills UK and many other partners to help small businesses create their first website and help them understand the opportunities offered by the Internet. We’ll cover the scope of the initiative, free tools available and offer guidance on how to use them.

1. Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing covers many different online marketing activities. We’ll start by covering the full breadth of what is meant by social media marketing, the benefits, pitfalls and examples of how it is benefitting all types of business.


The world’s fastest growing social network offers unique opportunities for businesses to reach and engage with their target markets.

Topics covered:

  • Twitter or not to Twitter?
  • Creating an engaging profile
  • Finding your target audience
  • Creating engaging and valuable content to attract your target audience to ‘follow you’
  • Marketing to your network of ‘followers’ (safely and without losing your audience)
  • Facebook

    Facebook needs little introduction, but it’s benefits to business might do. We’ll cover the ways a business can use Facebook to create pages and groups that will attract their target market to join and engage with you.

    Topics covered:

  • Facebook profiles for business
  • Groups and Pages
  • Building your network
  • Creating engaging and valuable content to attract your target audience
  • Marketing to your network – ideas and how to’s
  • Risks, warnings and general good practice
  • Other Social Media

    Facebook and Twitter are just two examples of how social media can play a part in your marketing mix. In this section we will introduce other tools and services such as YouTube, Flickr and Ning. These services can be integrated with your use of Twitter and Facebook to further increase your visibility and impact. We will also cover building and using a mailing list.

    Micro-Sites and Landing Pages

    Some of the most successful internet marketing campaigns utilize what are known as ‘Micro-Sites and Landing Pages’. These are mini versions of your main website that contain very specific content relating to a particular marketing activity.

    Topics covered:

  • Examples of Micro-Sites and Landing pages
  • Why use Micro-Sites and Landing pages
  • How to build them
  • Ideas and tips on usage
  • 2. Smart Web Training – Tools

    Introduction to Smart Web Training

    Part two of the workshop is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge to optimize the time you spend online for your business and to help you make the most of your marketing campaigns.

    Browser Choice

    Most people use Internet Explorer but newer browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome offer real business benefits over the Microsoft offering. In this section we will introduce you to some time saving and security related tips using Firefox as an example.

    Firefox plug-ins
    Creating quick search locations
    Bookmarks and Tagging
    Working with images


    RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication and is a method of subscribing to web based content. We’ll show you how to drastically cut down on your information sourcing routines as well as how to use RSS to directly feed content to your social media or micro-sites. The use of RSS also greatly helps individuals find fresh a relevant content for sharing on blogs and other communication mediums.

    Google Alerts

    Following on closely from RSS we have a session on Google Alerts which can be utilized to both monitor mentions of your company/products on the web, and to keep up to date with key news around your market or competitive intelligence.

    Content Production

    As part of your social media marketing activities, you might have a need to find and produce content for your audience. We will cover tools and approaches to speed up or even automate your content production.

    Google Ads

    If you have a marketing budget of any kind, Google Ads can play a key part to directing visitors to your website or online purchasing. Learn how to assess whether Google Ads is right for your business and how to approach your first campaign, controlling both budget and visibility.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Is your website optimized for discovery? Many businesses neglect to perform simple yet powerful updates to their websites that will ensure the major search engines find you, and just as importantly, your visitors find what they are looking for. Learn the basics of SEO to apply to your existing or new website.

    What do you get?

    All delegates attending the workshop will take home full presentation material from the day and access to a full e-Course containing all materials, resources a discussion forum and links.

    3. Business Follow Up

    Following on from the busy workshop, delegates have the option to book a follow up session where we will work with you to identify and implement the right strategies for your business. This follow up session can be split into two sessions and can address implementation, assessment or set-up.

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