e-Learning Officer Subscription

Subscribe to the e-Learning Support You Need

In 2011 we launched a new service for organisations who want to realise their e-learning goals but do not want to hire a full time e-learning officer. We offer a tailored support package where you subscribe to one of our e-learning officers for a fixed amount of hours per month to help with a wide range of e-learning and Moodle related tasks.

The benefits to you include:

  • Expert help as and when you need it
  • Fixed cost support with no surprises
  • A dedicated e-learning resource at a fraction of the cost of a full time employed e-learning officer
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease subscription level in line with your e-learning activities

Included in the Package:

Moodle Administration

  • Set-up and administration of user accounts
  • Set-up and ¬†administration of VLE security polices
  • Management of core VLE functionality and modules
  • Publishing and management of non-course related VLE content i.e. home page
  • Design and publishing of web pages within the VLE
  • Administration of Blocks and Plugins

VLE Support and Guidance

  • Provision of support and guidance information on a best efforts basis
  • Assistance with client led activities to widen the adoption of the VLE and VLE content

Course Creation and Administration

  • Creation and configuration of course outlines on the VLE
  • Administration of roles (students and tutors) and enrollments (students) within courses
  • Set-up and management of course structure
  • Set-up and management of course categories
  • Set-up and management of permissions across courses

Course Content Uploading

  • Uploading, formatting and management of course assets and resources i.e. Word and PDF documents

Course Content Creation

  • Creation of course content (web pages, PDF, documents and other standard resources) based upon existing client content
  • Creation of core VLE activities and resources such as quizzes, lessons and wikis based upon content provided by client
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