Content Creation

Probably the most time consuming and creative aspect of e-learning is the course and content design. It’s also the area you can really set yourself apart from the competition.


Course and Content Creation

When we work with a client on course content three common stages we go through are as follows.

  • Structural Design – to define the way the course/content is to be navigated/progressed by the learner
  • Content Authoring and Translation – development of new content and translation of paper based content to electronic
  • Design and Implementation – the look, feel and functionality of the learning objects

We’re able to offer our services on a number of different levels as explained below.


Basic Course Design

Consisting of mostly using built in VLE functionality and creating courses using text based exercises and assessments.



Interactive Course Design

Utilising course authoring packages such as Articulate, Captivate and Udutu to create visually inspiring and engaging content that integrates with your VLE.




Advanced Learning Product Development

Here we might integrate some advanced learning objects and wrap them around a dedicated web site with enabled e-commerce functionality.


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