Virtual Learning Environments and E-Portfolios

Don’t fall into the trap of getting a learning management system (LMS) or virtual learning environment (VLE) up and running and do nothing with it. Be it due to a lack of time or technical skills, many organisations do not properly leverage their VLE. ASA Interactive offers a full circle virtual learning environment service, from set-up to content creation and loading right through to support and training.

  • Hosting
  • Configuration and Setup
  • Support & Mentoring
  • Training
Virtual Learning Environments

Course and Content Creation

Well designed and delivered e-content can set your organisation apart from the crowd. It can also make the difference between learners embracing or avoiding your content. Many companies simply convert Office documents into HTML pages, but there’s so much more you can do. We take your content, add our own creative flair and deliver true e-content that both your learners and peers will be impressed by. We can create online slideshows, convert content into VLE courses, create animations and videos or provision full websites around your offerings.

  • Course Creation
  • Interactive Content
Course & Content Creation

Strategy Development

It’s not always possible to have the right staff and enough time to develop and look after your e-learning vision. That’s why we offer full strategy development services, training and support around a strategy that suits your business.

  • Consulting & Workshops
  • Strategy design and support


Strategy & Content Development


Selling courses and other educational products online is a natural step for many training providers and opens up more opportunity than many imagine. ASA Interactive work with select products to provision e-commerce capabilities regardless of company size or industry.

  • Online transaction processing for courses
  • VLE auto enrolment integration


e-Commerce and Integration


Working in partnership with Profile Development and Training in Broadstairs we are now offering e-learning apprenticeships. We can source and place an apprentice either full or part time in your business supported by e-learning mentors at ASA Interactive and progressed through the curriculum by Profile Development and Training.

  • Full or part time e-learning apprenticeships

Call us on 01843 598633 to discuss the possibilities of placing an e-learning apprentice.